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Telling the story, one line at a time.

Language is no longer a barrier.​

What is your church doing for reaching local internationals? How many cultures are in your neighborhood? What if you could reach all of them in one classroom? What if you could teach a lesson to all at the same time?


You don't have to translate. You don't have to segregate.

Regardless of English ability, people from 
from China, Peru, Venezuela, Congo, Iraq, Jordan, Uzbekistan, South Korea, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Cuba, Bulgaria, Egypt, Russia, Ukraine, Thailand and Cambodia have all learned about Jesus and the Bible. As of 2012, we had 115 adults come through our class, 57 were known non-believers. As of 2015, 21 are now followers of Jesus.


Jesus said to go out into the world.  The world is now next door.

The graduate student.

The Ph.D researcher.

The Visiting Scholar.

The political refugee.

The business man and his family.


All in one place. All learning, growing, sharing, laughing and understanding.


Tell His story.

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